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Numerology Mac 1.12

Numerology for the Mac has been updated to version 1.12 and is now available in the Mac App Store. It sports a new icon and supports macOS 10.11 and…

Where Did Compatibility Go? How Do I Edit a Profile?

With the latest update to Numerology (1.16), you may be asking yourself “Why did they remove compatibility?”, or “How do I edit a profile?”. Rest assured compatibility is still there and you can still edit profiles. Things have just moved around a bit.

Before Numerology 1.16, the app actually had 2 user interfaces, one for the iPhone and one for the iPad. There was lots of logic to handle t…

Pitch Radar is Back!


Pitch Radar is back in the App Store. Once again you can find out how fast a pitch is, track pitch counts, and create pitc…

Landscaper’s Companion Mac 1.5.3


Landscaper’s Companion has been updated to version 1.5.3 and is now available in the Mac App Store.

This update fixes some crashes and now requires macOS…

Numerology 1.16

There’s a new version of Numerology and Numerology Lite available in the app store. Update your copies to enjoy the following:

Support for iOS 10 (both apps now require iOS 10)
Added New Profile application shortcut via 3D Touch
Now supports 3D touch peek and pop
Chart displayed in one view for iPhones
Edit profile and compatibility actions moved to profiles action menu

Numerology Users: Let’s Talk

A few days ago I sent out a Numerology survey. The results were very interesting, but I have still have questions. I’m wondering how many of you actually follow this blog or the @infinitenil Twitter account. If you do, please comment below. If you’re willing to engage in a conversation please email me at…

Numerology 1.15 Update

Numerology and Numerology Lite have been updated to version 1.15. Both apps have been updated to work with (and require) iOS 9. You can still download 1.14 if you still need iOS 8 compatibility.

Also, reports are now shared as full HTML text rather than a URL and the ability to import contacts from Facebook was removed because of all the problems associated with it and the instability of t…

Numerology Survey

Do you use Numerology?

Please take this short survey to help us (ok, me) make Numerology better

You may have noticed that it has been pretty quiet around here lately. That’s pretty much due to me having to get a real job to make things meet. Making money on the app store is incredibly difficult these days.

I’d still very muc…

Numerology 1.14.1

Numerology Icon

Numerology and Numerology Lite have been updated to version 1.14.1 and are both available in the app store. Here are the changes:

Fixed crash on iPad when editing a profiles birth date in landscape mode.
Fixed centering issues on About screen on iPhone.
Fixed stuck forecasts when changing forecast date.

The crash and stuck forecasts issues were reported by Sue Beck and Duco Van Der…

Introducing Pitch Radar 2


The next version of Pitching Radar is now available in the app store. Now its called Pitch Radar 2 and is a free app, so you can find out how fast a pitch is at no cost.

For those who are coaches or serious player, with an In-App purchase, you can:

Monitor pitches, keeping track of the average speed and the pitch count.

Generate a report and email it anywhere with an attached CSV…

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