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February 2010

Ryan Boswell wishes he had Packrat for Basecamp

Ryan Boswell writes:
Unfortunately the one application I would like to see that I can’t seem to find is something like PackRat but for Basecamp instead of Backpack
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Custom iPhone Button Creator

This morning I read a post by Erica Sadun entitled Create Shiny Buttons Easily. This inspired me to write a little app to make it easier to execute the sample code. It’s called Button Creator and you can download the Xcode project here. You can select a color by name or by the RGB color values. When you tap the Save button it will save the button image in your saved photos. If you are running it…

Packrat UI Idea

I’ve been thinking of taking a different approach with Packrat’s user interface. I could go ahead and do this in Packrat 2 or wait till Packrat 3. The approach would be to make Packrat look like most information manager apps on the Mac which all look kind of like Mail. Each Backpack page would be treated like a folder. Selecting a page (or folder) would display a list of all the items (notes,…

How to Feel What an iPad is Like

This weekend I remembered some posts I had read about turning your Macbook into an eBook reader. Here they are:

The reason I was thinking of them is because I’m looking forward to getting an iPad and I’m investigating how it would look and…

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