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Basecamp Client: Any Interest?

I’m considering developing a client for Basecamp similar to PackRat. If you’d be interested in such a product, let me know. I’d also like to know what you think it should do and what features it should have. I think this product has even more potential than PackRat and I’d love to get some feedback.

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Anonymous —

This would be sweet, one thing I would love is if you could work it so that events created in ical (specific to a cat) could be added as a milestone.

Dan —

wow, yes please. Ive been waiting for something like this for a very long time.

The iCal idea is great. Im not sure what else to add but i cant wait!

a!e —

cool += 1;

That would be *sweet*

Kevin Brennan —

Definitely interested.

José Manuel —

Very interested.
Really a must.
Keep easy and simple

Wim —

Please do. Always super to have the data offline and secured on your laptop

Craig —

I would definitely be interested in it, and would be willing to pay for such a thing if it incorporated most or all of Basecamp’s features. I would like to see:

– 2-way iCal integration with milestones
– to-do list syncing with iCal
– email posting of messages using
– Chat integration with iChat (I don’t know if that’s even possible)
– easy upload and download of shared files

Chris —

I always thought Basecamp needed a hybrid offline/online app similar to what Adobe is doing with Apollo. Whenever I’m working in the browser I have a tendency to always want whatever I’m looking at to change or whenever I’m finished with what I’m doing I always want to close it. Somewhat of a mental thing really…once the task is finished I can just get it out of my face. That’s where I think apps like Packrat and if* you decide to go through with developing a basecamp client. I know there is a huge market for this as most people like me all suffer from the same thing. I bet basecamp has the same user login about 20 times a day! CHANGE THE ICON FOR PACKRAT SOON!!!

David —

I am a big user of basecamp and would love to see a program of this type.

An offline all feature version would be great. If you could tie in ical or gcal to that all the better. I know 37signals were going to do a calendar but I am not sure whats happening with that.

I am happy to do beta testing on this.

Guillaume —

Definitely interested.

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