Where Did Compatibility Go? How Do I Edit a Profile?

With the latest update to Numerology (1.16), you may be asking yourself “Why did they remove compatibility?”, or “How do I edit a profile?”. Rest assured compatibility is still there and you can still edit profiles. Things have just moved around a bit.

Before Numerology 1.16, the app actually had 2 user interfaces, one for the iPhone and one for the iPad. There was lots of logic to handle t…

Pitch Radar is Back!


Pitch Radar is back in the App Store. Once again you can find out how fast a pitch is, track pitch counts, and create pitc…

Introducing Pitch Radar 2


The next version of Pitching Radar is now available in the app store. Now its called Pitch Radar 2 and is a free app, so you can find out how fast a pitch is at no cost.

For those who are coaches or serious player, with an In-App purchase, you can:

Monitor pitches, keeping track of the average speed and the pitch count.

Generate a report and email it anywhere with an attached CSV…

Numerology Updated for iOS 7

Numerology Icon

A new version of Numerology and Numerology Lite is now available on iTunes App Store. The new version requires iOS 7 and has the iOS 7 look and feel. Other new features are a general meaning of numbers, and use of iOS’s built-in sharing features for sharing reports and interpretations via Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, and AirDrop.

As part of the new sharing feature, users can now share complet…

Numerology: Baby Namer Now Free with In-App Purchase

Numerology: Baby Namer Icon

Numerology: Baby Namer, our numerology app to help you name your baby, is now free to try. If you like it you can do an In-App purchase and add as many names as you like. Find out…

Introducing Pitching Radar


Our new app, Pitching Radar is now available in the App Store. Pitching Radar is an iPhone/iPod Touch app that turns your phone into a radar gun to measure how fast a baseball pitch is.

Use it to find out how fast your kid is throwing on the mound or how fast the kid their hitting against is pitching.

Coaches can also use it to count pitches and see when that average pitch speed starts to…

Numerology on iOS 7


Numerology is ready for iOS 7. Just make sure you get the latest update (version 1.12.3) that fixes some display issues (if your top bar isn’t purple, you need to update).

Numerology 2 is in the planning stages and will take full advantage of iOS 7 with a new look and new features. If you have something you’d like to see then please let us know about it at…

Numerology Lite Update – Fully Featured*


Numerology Lite and Numerology 1.11 are now available in the app store. I fixed some crashes, but the main thing is that the Lite version is now fully functional. The only limitation is that you can only create 2 profiles. If you’d like more (for friends and family for example), you’ll need to purchase the full version.

Numerology is the only numerology app that runs on the iPhone, iPad, and…

Numerology Now With Import and Export


Numerology 1.10 for iOS and Numerology 1.10 for OS X is now available in the iTunes App Store and the Mac App Store. All now support import and export. On iOS you can export to Dropbox or via email. Import from Dropbox or email. On OS X you and import and export from files. Of course that file could be in your Dropbox folder, or you could email that file.

Numerology Lite on iOS now also…

Favors Now Free


Favors, my gift coupon app, is now free. Until Apple changes their mind, I will not be able to update it. So please, download it, use it, and spread the word. Then let Apple know that gift coupons are things you want in your…

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