Pitching Radar

Pitch Radar is Back!


Pitch Radar is back in the App Store. Once again you can find out how fast a pitch is, track pitch counts, and create pitc…

Introducing Pitch Radar 2


The next version of Pitching Radar is now available in the app store. Now its called Pitch Radar 2 and is a free app, so you can find out how fast a pitch is at no cost.

For those who are coaches or serious player, with an In-App purchase, you can:

Monitor pitches, keeping track of the average speed and the pitch count.

Generate a report and email it anywhere with an attached CSV…

Introducing Pitching Radar


Our new app, Pitching Radar is now available in the App Store. Pitching Radar is an iPhone/iPod Touch app that turns your phone into a radar gun to measure how fast a baseball pitch is.

Use it to find out how fast your kid is throwing on the mound or how fast the kid their hitting against is pitching.

Coaches can also use it to count pitches and see when that average pitch speed starts to…

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