Calling All Numerologists


Are you a numerologist? I’d love to hear from you about Numerology. I’d like to make Numerology into a tool that numerologists love and all know its name. So please comment below or email me and let me know what you think. I’d also love to work with one of you to make Numerology the best it can be for…

Numerology 2: New App or Update?


Numerology 2 is in the planning stages and I’m trying to decide if it should be a new app on the app store, or just and update. Customers want an update because its free, while developers like me, would like to create a new app because of the additional revenue it will bring with existing customers purchasing the new app. Customer may cry foul, but us developers need to make money to survive and…

What Numerology Says About 2014

The field of numerology, not our app.

2014 Predictions, Meaning and Symbols by Numerology Experts; 7 Things to Know About Year of…

Numerology on iOS 7


Numerology is ready for iOS 7. Just make sure you get the latest update (version 1.12.3) that fixes some display issues (if your top bar isn’t purple, you need to update).

Numerology 2 is in the planning stages and will take full advantage of iOS 7 with a new look and new features. If you have something you’d like to see then please let us know about it at…

Numerology Lite Update – Fully Featured*


Numerology Lite and Numerology 1.11 are now available in the app store. I fixed some crashes, but the main thing is that the Lite version is now fully functional. The only limitation is that you can only create 2 profiles. If you’d like more (for friends and family for example), you’ll need to purchase the full version.

Numerology is the only numerology app that runs on the iPhone, iPad, and…

Numerology for Mac Free Trial


We’re now offering a free trial version of Numerology for OS X that can be downloaded from The free trial is fully functional, but you are limited to 2 profiles. If you want more, you will need to purchase the full version at the Mac A…

Numerology Now With Import and Export


Numerology 1.10 for iOS and Numerology 1.10 for OS X is now available in the iTunes App Store and the Mac App Store. All now support import and export. On iOS you can export to Dropbox or via email. Import from Dropbox or email. On OS X you and import and export from files. Of course that file could be in your Dropbox folder, or you could email that file.

Numerology Lite on iOS now also…

Numerology Lite 1.9.21


The latest Numerology Lite update is now available on the app store. This one fixes the crash that occurred when trying to create a fu…

Numerology Updates

Numerology and Numerology 1.9.14 is now available on the app store. Basically it addresses all the crashes I’ve discovered with TestFlight. There’s still one crash I haven’t been able to duplicate, but I’ve added some logging that should help me track it…

Numerology Updates

Updates for Numerology and Numerology Lite or now available in the app store. These updates fix the crash that occurred when you tried to email a…

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