“The best of the bunch”

See this review of numerology apps for the iPhone. Numerology is deemed the “best of t…

UIDatePickerViewController is in Use

Today I was working on Numerology for the iPad and I was trying to implement a date picker inside a popover. You can’t just put a UIDatePicker in the popover because you need a view controller. So I created a view controller and called it UIDatePickerViewController. It simply would not work. All I would get is a popover with a black area. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Then I decided to…

The Daily App Show Reviews Numerology

Check it out at…

Numerology 1.8 in the App Store

Apple quickly approved Numerology 1.8 and it is now available in the app store. The push of this version is Facebook integration. You can import your Facebook friends and you can post reports to your Facebook wall. Some other changes are:

New look
Bug fixed with master number calculations
Forecast date shown on forecast views
alternate names are shown for the different numbers
How a…

Be Careful using Numerology in a Courtroom

Numerology Update Submitted

Numerology 1.8 and Numerology Lite 1.4 have just been submitted to the app store. The main new feature here is Facebook integration. The price is going to be raised to $4.99 so if you plan on buying Numerology, but it now and save a buck. More details once the app is…

Numerology Web App

I’m thinking of writing a web app that would work with Numerology. One could use the web app on the desktop for easier data entry and a larger screen and the iPhone app would sync up with it.

I’d love to get some feedback on this idea. What do you…

Numerology mention in the SLC Tribune

Numerology, PhoneWord, and infiniteNIL were mentioned along with a bunch of Utah companies making iPhone Apps. Check out it at…

Numerology Crashes

Numerology 1.6 and Numerology Lite 1.2 are crashing for a few people when launched. Thanks to one of our customers, Theben Moodley, I’ve figured out the problem and a new version has been submitted to Apple. Hopefully Apple will quickly approve the update and it will be fixed.

As a workaround, you can just reinstall the app. Of course, you’ll lose all your profiles, so you’ll have to decide if…

Numerology 1.6

Numerology 1.6 is now available in the App Store. This version brings quite a few changes. They are:

1) Search: You can search for profiles and the profiles table is indexed. Just drag your finger along the side to quickly find a profile or just search for them.

2) Names: You only need to enter one name. Before there was a display name and a full name. Now you just enter the person’s birth nam…

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