Numerology 1.3

Numerology 1.3 is now available in the app store. This release adds a compatibility feature. You can choose two profiles and see how compatible they are for romance, business partnerships, or friendship.

Also fixed some minor bugs and when a list of profiles is displayed you can see the birthdays as well as the names and pictures.

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Numerology 1.2

The Numerology 1.2 update is available in the App store. This update adds the ability to fill in profiles via your contacts and starts up in the same place you were when you quit the app.

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Numerology 1.1

Apple pushed out an update to Numerology this weekend. I added the ability to attach a picture to each profile. The picture is displayed in the list of profiles and on each screen when you are viewing the profile. Here’s a screenshot:

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Introducing Numerology

My first iPhone app has finally been made available in the iPhone App store. It’s called Numerology.

Numerology let’s you use the ancient science of numerology to gain insight into yourself and others. Think of it as astrology with numbers, only it seems to be work a lot better. At least to me. 

Using a person’s name and birth date, you extract numbers that represent things such as their…

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