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Rafael Bugajewski

I use Leopard, so Tiger is irrelevant for me.

David Chartier

I would wager that the greater majority of your customers have already upgraded to Leopard, or they will by the time you would be ready with a Leopard-only 2.0.

Speaking of, I think the next version you charge for necessarily should include a good batch of new features *and* the 2.0 name. From what I’ve seen in my time watching developers and users interact over topics like this, it looks like users expect both of those things for paid upgrades. Remember the RapidWeaver 3.6 paid upgrade? It had a great batch of new features and a slightly high upgrade fee (half the price of an app seems a little too high to charge for an upgrade), but a very vocal batch of users were upset that the company was charging for a “3.6 point release upgrade,” never mind all the new features.

I think for the smoothest ride and to get what you deserve for all your great work on PackRat, I think you should take a little more time, bake in a respectable handful of new features and charge something like $10 or $12 for a paid upgrade to PackRat 2.0 (even Adobe only charges only about 1/3 of the price of Creative Suite for an upgrade).

As far as features, I think integration with other apps and services would be the next great step. Think all the cool stuff iGTD does. Even though I know limitations of Backpack can prohibit some of that stuff, it would be great to be able to, say, select some text in Safari and hit a keyboard shortcut (or at least drag and drop) to PackRat’s icon to create a new note. Or maybe a pop-up window (via keyboard shortcut) that allows quick entry of notes and lists. Being able to enter that kind of stuff in a non-intrusive interface and then get back to work would be a killer new GTD-ish feature that I think would bring you a good batch of new users.


I would like to see, that the Tiger-Version works seamlesly with backpackit. It still don’t work just right with the “add there”-function: everything is placed on top. And this I would like to see without upgrade payment.

I think, a search-function would be necessary.

Theres no doubt: I’m willing to pay an “upgrade-charge” for a leopard-version.

Dany —


Please send me an email at about the Add Here feature. I can’t fix it if nobody tells me about any problems.




Sorry Rod,

I was wrong. “Add here” works well (if you – i.e. me – clever enough to do it right; i didn’t).

Paul —

PackRat is a good app and I’d pay. In return, I’d expect full integration with all Backpack features (e.g., ability to do recurring reminders) plus some extras that Backpack doesn’t have. Like, menu-bar access to reminders coming due in the next little while (24hrs?). Or even better, integration with OmniFocus (when it exits beta). (Something like the OF menubar access to actions coming due is what I’m thinking about for PR.) Exporting pages in OPML would be an excellent addition. Or exporting to RTF or RTFD. I’d pay you $15 for what PR does now, and I’d pay you $35 if it does the things I mentioned and is more compelling to use than Backpack itself.


Hi – I’d be happy to pay for an upgrade – what if there was a simple way to track upgrade steps and we paid for every 3rd one or so – whether or not we actually downloaded each one? I really like this app. I’d LOVE for my work colleague to be able to use it on her PC (BP is our virtual office and the ONLY reason we’re able to sustain the quantity/quality of work we do.) Any chance someone will write an app for PC?

I’d prefer access to Tiger app for another 6-12 months. My first computer was an Apple+, I’ve always used Apple, but got badly burned on the MacBook logic board problems and a couple of other early-user Apple issues, so won’t adopt early anymore. Let someone with more time work out the issues, or get Apple back online with their old level of customer care first!

Thanks for a great app.

Wayne —

I’ll pay for the upgrade – PackRat is fast becoming indispensable. As for new features, taking full advantage of the task bar real estate and more integration with iCal and the online calendering at 37Signals would be welcome. I’m not really sure what that would look like, but there you go.

Thanks for the great software. I use it everyday for a small business of one to stay on track with reminders, collect information for later referral, project management and as a brainstorming tool. Like iChat and some other apps, it’s always open on my machine.

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PackRat is a great tool. There are lots of splendid additions possible. An upgrade is fine, but like Michele I won’t be moving to Leopard for a good long while. Stability is better than cutting edge.

Alex —

Please, please keep Tiger as the minimum requirement. This “latest and greatest version of the Mac OS required” from 3rd party developers is probably what puts me off most with Mac apps.

I have several Macs, but none is nowhere close to fulfilling the hardware requrements of Leopard. And Leopard offers me nothing I really need (unlike Tiger which introduced Spotlight).
Plus, I will probably never ever buy a new Mac again. I did this once, and I had the bad luck to choose exactly the much-maligned iBook G3 (it was the iBook, not the MacBook that had the most horrible logic board flaws). It was a purchase I could hardly afford, and it decided to die just after the extended service program had run out. My trust in Apple is shattered, and all I’m willing to buy ATM is a cheap used model with a good track record. Which would translate to something like a Sawtooth or Digital Audio G4 (to replace my B/W G3). Maybe an early iMac G4. Oops, can’t run Leopard. Thank you, Apple.

Yes, one can still keep running the last Tiger-compatible version of any program. But this won’t work with a program like PackRat that has to constantly adapt to the changes of a website and their API.

Curt —

I think most apps are going to Leopard only for upgrades.

I would love to see integration with other 37signals apps Basecamp and Highrise. If you look through their forums you will see lots of users begging for consolidated Todo and Task views, and for moving data among them. Doesn’t seem likely to come from them.

Alex —

Even though I already said that, I’d like to point out again (and perhaps more precisely), in response to Curt, that there is a huge difference between a program that will stay usable ad infinitum in its last pre-Leopard incarnation and an app that will break with the first modification in the API of another party’s online app.

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