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Numerology 1.16

There’s a new version of Numerology and Numerology Lite available in the app store. Update your copies to enjoy the following:

  • Support for iOS 10 (both apps now require iOS 10)
  • Added New Profile application shortcut via 3D Touch
  • Now supports 3D touch peek and pop
  • Chart displayed in one view for iPhones
  • Edit profile and compatibility actions moved to profiles action menu
  • Fixed bug where profile pictures were skewed
  • Increased profile image size
  • Changed Import and Export to use system document picker enabling import and export for iCloud Drive, Dropbox and any other file system extension.
  • Forecast date picker is now a popover on iPhones
  • Now supports slide over and split view on iPad Pros. Use Numerology while you’re using another app.

*** Please rate Numerology and Numerology Lite on the App Store. It really helps sales and lets us know how people feel about the app ***

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