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PackRat 0.94: Now with reminders

I just released PackRat 0.94. The big thing for this release is
editing reminders. Now you can add, delete, and edit your reminders.
A lot of people have been waiting for this and I hope you like it.

At this point in PackRat existence, you can now view and edit all
your Backpack data, with the exception of your Backpack calendars. We
are very near a 1.0 release. All that remains is to polish up some

Going forward I want PackRat to take full advantage of the the Mac
platform. This means things like Spotlight support, Applescript
support, Address Book and iCal integration, iPod syncing, and
whatever else makes sense. I love the Mac and want to take full
advantage of the platform. That is why PackRat is Mac only.

I also want to add things that Backpack doesn’t do right now. Things
like searching and deleting all completed list items and anything
else you and I can think of to make it more fun and easier to use.

I’ve also decided that releases past 1.0 will continue to be free
updates. The price of PackRat is meant to reflect its potential to
take advantage of the Mac platform and it hasn’t done that yet. Until
I think it has, updates will continue to be free. If you haven’t
purchased a license yet, I encourage you do so and support me in this
endeavor. You will get your money’s worth and if enough of you do, I
will have more time to make PackRat better and in less time.
Eventually, I will be able to write other applications that you and
others will enjoy.

Enjoy editing your reminders offline.

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There are 5 comments .

Shahrum —

Rod’s the man! I’ve always supported you on this and will continue to! Thanks for making my Backpack experience worth the monthly cost! 🙂

Mike B —

Reminders work great. Good Job!!

tim254 —

Looks very cool, just wish you made Windows version … I’d definitely pay for that.

Anonymous —

The only thing I want is to be able to hit Apple-F and find some text in PackRat. Please!

Rod Schmidt —

That will be in the next release.

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