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PackRat Update

More progress on editing. Now you can edit items and delete them. Don’t quite like the UI for this though. So, I still need to improve that. I made some improvements to the code that should make writing the rest of the editing code a lot better.

I still want to make sure the database format is complete going forward as well. This isn’t necessarily critical as you can easily just delete your local database and then sync to do a database conversion. However, you could lose local edits that you’ve made if you don’t first upload them to Backpack before deleting your local database.

I’d really like to get some feedback here. Would you rather see me release PackRat with editing features as I go along or would you rather see me get everything done first before you see a new release?

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David Chartier —

Post versions as you go! I think the audience for your Backpack client is hungry for edit-ability, and even if the UI is wonky you’re still the only dev I can find (and I have to seek out this stuff for my job!) who’s even touching interaction with Backpack on this level (and no, the widget from Chipt doesn’t count).

Anonymous —

I second david c. – would purchase if editability added, even if the UI isn’t perfect. Glad to see this being developed.

Mac_Curious —

Please try and emulate a Microsoft One Note style interface that lets me organization be nuch easier.

That and can it autosync?

Anonymous —

I’d have to agree with david_c as well. The general audience for Backpack is used to the “small but frequent” updates and building half a product instead of a half-assed product. Just release it as you go and get feedback at every step of the way.

Anonymous —

Would You make it for Mac OS 9? and keep making updated versions for Mac OS 9. thanks.

official jump member —

I think that you would be the shining knight on white horse for many if you could make a packrat->palm or even ipod sync. That would guarantee you supporters (and Backpack, too…it’s the only thing keeping me from making it my #1 organizational tool). Or, at the very least, an ical sync.

Mr. Smooth —

Please start posting as you go. The ability to edit on the go is the only thing lacking from Packrat (that might be a bit of an exaggeration but it really is that important) and from Backpack as a whole. I’d have about killed for it this weekend alone. I’d be willing to help with development for access.

Either way it’s a great product fulfilling a desperate need Backpack users have. Please keep it up.

Anonymous —

Got the missing emailAddress dialog as well. Looking forward to the next release.

Sorry – got too many notes/emails/links to sift through them to see if/how many are dead links.

Good luck – good work.

Clayton Ferris —

i would love to see some beta versions with features added as you progress with this app. any developer willing to release betas certainly gains more respect from me.

Anonymous —

I would certainly pay, more than you currently ask, for this software if it had the ability to sync with my Palm Treo and be editable as you suggest.

As for UI, I would love to have the ability to click on a text field to edit rather than having to click an edit button (as found at This would bring the UI more in line with mainstream text editing functions found in desktop apps (gmail does this elegantly in the online world).

Incidentally, it’s the main frustration I have with – having a two-mouse-click process to “active” a text field to edit or arrange it. It’s fair to say my request is picky and perhaps difficult to accomplish with a web application, but that clicking process takes me out of a “flow state.”

I can imagine creating this type of UI for a desktop app would be a little bit easier, though certainly still a challenge in database syncing. I would easily pay for this function and recommend the application to friends who use backpackit and even those who don’t. Palm Sync would be icing on the cake.

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