Everport (discontinued)

Get your 37signals' Backpack pages into Evernote

Everport Icon

Everport is a Mac OS X application that helps you quickly move your 37signals’ Backpack data to Evernote. Just add your Backpack accounts, select the pages to import, and click import. Even your images and files are transferred.
Easily import your Backpack data into Evernote with a graphical user interface (GUI). No more hunting for scripts or writing your own and running them from the command-line.

"I'm guessing this little app saved me about 3+ hours. In my case, it was a one time use app since I don't plan on creating or transferring over any new backpack pages...but from a time-value standpoint... it was totally worth the $12.99." — Alan78704

  • Multiple Accounts

If you have more than one Backpack account, we've got you covered.

  • Organized Import

Imports data into Evernote in an organized way. Each Backpack page becomes an Evernote notebook, all placed in a new stack named after your Backpack account.

  • Separate Notes

Each item on a Backpack page because a separate note in Evernote. You can use Evernote's Merge Notes command if you want them together.

  • Lists

The state of Backpack Lists and their items are maintained while moving to Evernote. If an item is checked in Backpack, it will be checked in Evernote.

  • Images and Files too

Images and file attachments are downloaded from Backpack and added to Evernote. All images in a gallery will be kept together in a single note in Evernote.