Packrat (discontinued)

Take 37signals' Backpack offline.

Packrat is the premier desktop client for 37signals’ Backpack web application. Packrat lets you use your Backpack account when you’re offline. Before you hit the road for the first time with Packrat, just use the Synchronize command to sync with Backpack and all the data from your account is duplicated on your Mac. View and edit your data offline or online. When you’re online, Packrat will automatically inform Backpack of your changes and your account is kept up to date.

"The killer syncing and offline Backpack client that does even more than Backpack itself" — David Chartier, The Unoffical Apple Weblog

"If you're increasingly getting frustrated with offline time, it might just be the solution you've been looking for." — Giles Turnbul, MacDevCenter

  • Synchronized

Download your Backpack data, view and edit it offline, and sync it back up when you're online, even with multiple Backpack accounts.

  • Enhanced Editing

Packrat lets you edit your page very much like Backpack and gives you additional capabilities to save you time.

  • Toggle between showing all completed lists items and truncating them.
  • Delete all completed items in a list with a single click.
  • Offline Images & Files

Gallery images and file attachments are downloaded during synchronization for offline access.

  • Get Reminded

Uses Growl to present your reminders even when Packrat isn't the current application.

  • Automation
  • Use AppleScript to manipulate your data in ways only you can imagine.
  • Use Packrat in your Automator workflows with the Synchronize with Backpack Automator action.