Pitch Radar

Baseball radar gun and pitch tracker

PitchingRadarIconPitch Radar is an iPhone and iPod Touch app that’s like a radar gun for baseball pitchers and a bit more. It’s a handy tool for the baseball scout in you.

To use simply tap and hold your finger against the screen when the pitcher releases the ball and release your finger when the catcher catches the pitch or the ball is hit.


  • For Players
Find out how fast your opposing pitcher is throwing. Have your friend, coach, or parent use it to find out how fast you can pitch and keep track of the number of pitches you throw and your average speed.    
  • For Parents
Find out how fast your son or daughter is pitching or how fast the pitcher is that they're facing at the plate. Keep track of the number of pitches and average speed.    
  • For Coaches
Count pitches for your pitchers and track their average speed. Be alerted when they reach a pitch limit. When a pitcher is done generate a report and use it later for analysis. You can use the app to help determine when pitchers might be getting tired (e.g. when their average speed drops or the pitch count gets to a certain level).  
  • Little Leagues, Big Leagues, and Softball
Works for any level of baseball and softball as well. Simply set the mound distance in the app's settings.