Consulting Services

When we’re not building products, we help others solve their problems. We can help solve yours.

  • Custom Mac OS X Application Development

infiniteNIL can design and develop custom applications for macOS using Apple’s Cocoa frameworks, using Objective-C/Swift. We have good UI design skills and always have ease of use in mind. We strive to get your application running as quickly as possible with its core functionality working and then add functionality in an iterative fashion. You see the results at each stage, allowing us to get early and frequent feedback so we can make sure the application is what you really want and need. See our own OS X apps.

  • Custom iOS Application Development

The iOS SDK is also based on Cocoa. Leveraging our Cocoa experience we have developed our own software for iOS as well as some for our clients. We can help you develop your applications as well with Xcode and Objective-C/Swift.

  • Custom Web Application Development

infiniteNIL can also design and develop web applications. We can develop traditional web applications or give your web app a desktop-like user interface using JavaScript and related technologies.

  • Development Training & Consulting

Rod has presented at development conferences and user groups as well as been an instructor for an iOS development training course. He can train your developers to use Apple’s development platform whether it be macOS or iOS. He can also give you advice on any issues you’re having. Maybe you don’t know where to start or what the best path to your goal is? Rod can help you figure it out. He can also help you figure out software development issues you may be struggling with that are not related to any particular platform or tool.

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